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Homemade Fresh Vegetable & Herb Soup €6.50
(served with our own Homemade Bread)

Creamy Mullaghmore Chowder with chunks of Seafood €9.75 (served with our own Homemade Bread)

Donegal Smoked Salmon Salad with Eithna’s Homemade bread, Tattie Hoaker Salad leaves, capers & house dressing €12.95


Eithna’s Lentil Dahl served with Seaweed & Herb Pesto with Tattie Hoaker Farm Organic Salad Leaves €10.95

Five Mile Town Goats Cheese Salad with roasted Beetroot, Eithna ’s Pesto & Salad Leaves €12.95

Eithna’s Open Chicken Sandwich; slices of Irish Chicken, Eithna’s Homemade Red Onion Marmalade, Mayonnaise, Pesto & Organic Salad Leaves  €12.95


Donegal Bay Fish & Chips
Lightly dusted Mullaghmore Pollock with polenta, seaweed, rice flour & seasonings.  Served with organic salad, chips & our tartare sauce €18.95

Wild Atlantic Oysters from Lissadell, Co Sligo
Six €12.00/Twelve €24.00

Donegal Mussels cooked with cream and wine
Small €14.75/Large €19.75

Donegal Bay Prawns (subject to availability)
Small €19.00/Large €35.00,

Mullaghmore Cracked Crab Claws (subject to availability)
Small €19.00 Large €35.00

Mullaghmore Lobster
(All our Lobsters come daily from Mullaghmore Sea Farm, they normally weigh between 700g and 800g but sizes can vary)
Half Lobster €32.00 Whole Lobster €64.00
Served with a choice of Garlic Butter or Au Natural

Donegal Bay Shellfish Platter #1:
Half Lobster, Cracked Mullaghmore Crab Claws in the Shell, Served with Garlic Butter & Donegal Bay Prawns

(subject to availability)

Donegal Bay Shellfish Platter #2:
Half Lobster, Cracked Mullaghmore Crab Claws in the Shell & Donegal Bay Prawns Served with Garlic Butter & Mussels in a cream and wine sauce
(subject to availability) €75.00

Seafood Tasting Plate: Mussels, Smoked Salmon, Prawns, Crab Claws
(Combinations may change subject to availability) €35.00

Extras: Add chips €3.00 per portion Add Organic Salad Bowl €3.75 Add Cup of Chowder €4.75 Add Cup of Soup €3.75


Pasta with Eithna’s homemade Tomato Sauce, with parmesan or cheddar cheese €6.50

Mullaghmore Fish and Chips €8.50

Chicken Nuggets and Chips €6.50

If you would like smaller portions, or if we can help with your child’s eating options, please ask your server.


All Desserts are homemade by Eithna, freshly baked each day.

Fruit Scones, freshly baked daily and served with our homemade jam €2.90

Chocolate and Nori (seaweed) Merengue Swirl served with fruit compote and cream €5.50

Eithna’s Apple Tart, with a hint of cinnamon and cream €5.50

Lemon Flavoured Raspberry Sponge topped with homemade Lemon Curd and Coconut €5.50

Eithna’s Rich Chocolate Brownie €5.50


Coffees & Chocolate

Americano €2.90
Latte €3.10
Double Espresso €2.80
Cappuccino €3.10
Mocha €3.50
Hot Chocolate €3.50

Minerals €2.50

Diet Coke
Club Orange
Still & Sparkling Water
Apple, Orange Juice
Sanpellegrino Lemon

Teas €1.90

Black tea
Lemon & Ginger
Green tea and decaf Green tea
After dinner (fennel, chicory, cardamon)
Mixed Berry (elderberry, echinacea, elderflower)

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