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“After much consideration over the last few months I have finally decided to permanently close the doors of Eithnas By the Sea bringing to an end over three decades of my passion and love of running what became an iconic Seafood Restaurant on the Wild Atlantic Way.

The current climate running small businesses has become very challenging, together with the difficulties of sourcing seasonal staff, have made this decision happen at this time..

I am indebted to the wonderful people both local and those who have come from all over the globe to support Eithnas ..the hard working teams who have come and gone over the many seasons, all the local suppliers, trades people who came at all hours, the local artists whose work both outside and inside helped to create the atmosphere/ website / flower arrangements and the many friends who stepped in in various ways in hours of need..thank you all from the bottom of my heart..

Memories have been made its time for a younger generation to take the helm..”

Property enquiries can be made here, tel 09828000


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