Eithna's Seaweed Pesto in jars

As the pesto (or tapenade as Prannie Rhatigan likes to call it) has the fifth sense of taste (unami), it’s a good idea to keep in mind the many uses of soy sauce, anchovies, porcini mushroom and seaweed pesto to add flavour to any dish..

  • Add a spoon full to a soup, stew or casserole dish ..
  • Add to a slice of crostini, toast or forccia bread with or without something on it.
  • Use on top of smoked salmon, fish pate.
  • Mix together with mayonnaise and yoghurt for added flavour to mix with seafood
  • Mix into a bread mix when baking instead of salt
  • Mix into adduka or breadcrumb mix to use a a topping on fish or meat dishes..
  • Mix into sauces for added flavour .. White fish sauces . Mushroom sauce, pepper sauce ..
  • Use as a dipping by itself or mix with another dipping pesto
  • Mix with tomato sauce when making pizza..
  • Use on top of fish when cooking covered in the oven
  • Use as a dipping on the side with cold meats , seafood and shellfish
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