This is the result of the collaborative work by Fáilte Ireland in conjunction with Tourism Ireland.

Malin Hefvelin – Article 1
Malin Hefvelin – Article 2


Essentially, we work with international media in three ways:

1. Failte Ireland  receives a brief summary from Tourism Ireland on what the media are commissioned to write about or feature. Then, the Fáilte Ireland International Publicity team designs, books, hosts and manages the itinerary using their in-depth knowledge of Ireland.  Their colleagues on the Wild Atlantic Way, Dublin – A Breath of Fresh Air, Ireland’s Ancient East and our Food Tourism teams update us regularly on new product, attractions, events and activities. The International Publicity Executive who planned the itinerary meets with the media during their time in Ireland to check they have all the material they need and to ensure a positive feature on Ireland. In some cases, they accompany the media, especially television crews who are often weather dependent and may need to make last minute changes to an itinerary.

2. Fáilte Ireland’s International Publicity team plans and pitches a number of itineraries for groups of mixed media from their 23 overseas markets including television, radio, print and social media’s bloggers and instagrammers. The purpose of these group media itineraries is to promote brand awareness of the experiences of the Wild Atlantic Way, Dublin – A Breath of Fresh Air and Ireland’s Ancient East and key messages Fáilte Ireland wants to publicise internationally each year. Using a specific theme to hook interest is a proven effective way to attract media to Ireland e.g. in 2016: the 1916 Centenary Commemoration, artisanal food, St Patrick’s Festival, Dublin’s coastal villages, Donegal’s Northern Lights, Kerry’s dark skies, cinema’s filmed locations, storytelling Ireland’s heritage in Ireland’s Ancient East, activities on the Shannon, New Year’s Festival etc.

3. Fáilte Ireland’s International Publicity team identifies potential international media during our regular working with our Irish industry contacts. Last year they had over 5,500 engagements with Irish tourism businesses.

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