It all started in June 1990, a rather dusty shade of pink, with the help of some soon to be staff; the finer details of varnishing, paint -stripping and recycling of materials, Eithnas was born.

Eithnas facade as a white building in 1990          Eithnas as a white building in 1990

The pink exterior, despite flowers, signs, and billboards was still too insignificant an attraction to warrant attention away from the sights and activity of the harbour, so a plan was hatched with the first artist “Michael Cummins” who gave it the sea theme. His shoal of mackerel and flowing seaweeds with the blue background certainly got attention.

Eithnas with red lobster and blue facade          Eithnas blue building and red lobster

His theme later got more colour and depth by” Andrew Wilson,” with the hint of sea on the top corner and the seaweed and mackerel given splashes of their natural colour.

Eithnas by the sea blue building

Barry Sweeney, a local artist and partner in Local Hands Craft Shop in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, took up the challenge once more in 2014. Luckily the weather was fantastic, and his By the Sea in Mullaghmore theme has been admired by many and enjoyed by many as they watched him paint during the summer.

Barry Sweeney painting murals on Eithnas by the Sea restaurant         Barry Sweeney in front of Eithnas by the sea seafood restaurant in Mullaghmore

In Sligo today a few more wall murals have appeared – all adding to the colour and we also love O’ Donnells pub in Cliffoney with the Guinness-inspired surfers and horses.

Eithnas has led the way in a few ways. We were happy to support the first ever Sligo Food Festival, held in the Model Gallery, with Brid Torrades and Mary from Tir Na Og.

Many of us are still in business today with Brid now running the So Sligo Food Festival.

Eithna with Darina Alle looking at food
with Darina Alle

There have been a few firsts over the years….we were probably the first restaurant in Sligo to put shark on the menu, and it certainly was popular. Now its catch and release making our first completely edible Lobster Cake.

Eithna O Sullivan pictured beside a shark    lobster in pot








We hosted some small weddings, which we really enjoyed.

When the weather is good, the backdrop of the harbour, the castle views, and the beautiful small church with its walled garden make any couples dream.

Wedding party outside Eithnas by the sea restaurant Mullaghmore






Our restaurant is always going forward, Last year we were very happy to win Georgina Campbells “The Best Seafood Restaurant in Ireland 2014”, but we would like to say, that while we love our award and sustainable seafood, shellfish and seaweeds, we also cater for the Carnivore in the family, using our Local Butcher Gerry Burns, from Cliffoney to supply us with delicious Lamb and Steaks.

Aidan Gillan and staff in polytunnel at Tattie Hoaker Spring onions, red cabbage, beetroot, tomatoes, brocolli from Tattie Hoaker farm

We are looking forward to re-opening this Easter and seeing all our customers back again.

We hope you will enjoy our new layout and find it even more cosy. Painting is nearly finished, our new counter area is starting tomorrow, and soon I will have to decide how not to clutter the walls with all my junk!

Annette Coleman flowers
(flowers in the restaurant by Annette Coleman, Sligo Garden Flowers

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