First to take away all the furniture, and take down all the paintings and paraphernalia on the walls was nearly a full day’s work – no gym needed that day! How bare everything looked!! The kitchen and upstairs dining room became the storage areas and soon filled up.

As the fire surround was removed we discovered the old fireplace underneath, which was big enough to probably have kept the old fashioned pots and urns on the go. As much as I would have liked to have kept this big fireplace and fill it again with all the old cooking utensils, a new brighter, less cluttered Eithna was emerging…..there was something about those bare walls.

Old fireplace in Eithnas by the sea restaurant renovating old fire at eithnas by the sea renovation at eithnas by the sea renovating eithnas by the sea

So while dreaming of cream or blue stoves to fill this space with, once the reality of how much colour cost, a black stove is now in place! I’m told black is much more practical.

Everyone knows that once you start one job …. lots more show up. And so other discoveries were made, with the result Eithna’s downstairs is in the process of a makeover.

Mid march is the expected re opening , all the smell of paint , plaster, and varnish a distant memory, the kitchen restored to its glory and once again the smell of fresh baking and cooking wafting through the Mullaghmore air.

Our opening times in the beginning of the season will be weekends only.

But for groups of over 10 people we are happy to discuss opening at other times.

Looking forward to seeing you this year.


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